Secret? What secret?
Some time while I was serving in Vietnam (AUG66-FEB68), I was assigned to a special task: it was CLASSIFIED... I was to forget everything about the assignment.

I had no problem with that. So, the next day, our shop NCO (SFC Butcher) and I loaded a few tools and parts into our jeep and headed for town (Nha Trang). From there, it was all secret, which I still do not understand. We went somewhere in town (I don't know where... uptown?), and into a villa (extremely common), and into a building (looked like every other building). So, nothing identifiable.

We did not meet anyone, went into a room (just like all the others) that was completely empty except for a T-368 radio transmitter. They were extremely common and were even available on the surplus market. It was plugged into a very common power outlet and had a control line and antenna lead snaking out through a nearby window (also very common). That's it! Absolutely nothing of note. The only thing that needed my attention was a broken toggle switch on the front of the transmitter (TUNE/OPERATE switch).

It took about five minutes to replace and we were on our way. I still do not know of anything that would qualify as a "secret".

Written 2/15/2017 from the best of my memory. All rights reserved by S.J.Cook.